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Court in the Time of Corona

A periodic temperature check on the American jury system during the COVID-19 pandemic.


FIJA's Court in the Time of Corona report is designed to provide a curated selection of news on the status of grand juries and trial by jury in various courts around the United States and around the world.

These selected items may include:

  • reports that access to and function of grand juries and trial by jury are being restored,
  • news of lengthened suspensions of grand juries and trial by jury and other related due process rights,
  • discussion of proposed steps being taken to ensure jurors are safe and feel safe enough to pay attention to the trial, deliberate thoroughly, and otherwise ensure a fair trial,
  • problems occurring in the process of restoring juries,
  • glimpses of proposed and implemented changes to trial by jury in other countries that may influence policy and practice in the United States, and
  • other direct and indirect jury-related developments that reflect on the prognosis for the long-term health the American jury system.

The situation is complex. Many of these developments have both positive and negative implications. This is meant to be a quick-and-dirty glance at the big picture rather than a detailed and exhaustive analysis of each individual development. The links below may include some that require registration or a subscription to read.

Because the volume of material has ballooned drastically in recent weeks, I have switched from a chronological format to one that groups articles along a common theme together for a more comprehensible presentation.



Issue 3

Jury Trial Schedule Issues

Modifications to In Person Trial by Jury Proposed/Implemented in Light of COVID-19

Virtual Grand Juries and Trials by Jury