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Welcome to the Courthouse

Virtual Reading Groups

FIJA invites you to join fellow friends of liberty in learning more about the protective role of the jury and jurors' right of conscientious acquittal through virtual reading groups we are hosting. Click to skip directly to information on our next reading group!

FIJA will provide a facilitator to guide discussion on the reading, engage participants with probing questions about the material, aid in the use of the meeting platform, and keep the conversation tone respectful. Each session lasts 60-75 minutes and groups meet once a week for 3-4 weeks. We'll send you instructions before and provide a simple walkthrough of the Zoom platform at the start of the first session.

Selections for FIJA's Virtual Reading Groups will come from a variety of media in the field of criminal justice, focusing on the protective role of juries and the consequences of their eroded authority or absence in modern and historic 

Except for purchasing reading materials in some cases, there is no cost to participate. Often we will be able to supply reading materials at no cost to you. You will also need a device on which you can listen and speak in a Zoom meeting and a good internet connection. Video participation is encouraged but not required.

Both long-time jury rights enthusiasts and those newly learning about the protective role of the jury will find the groups engaging and enlightening. We invite you to bring your curiosity, knowledge, and experience to the conversation, but you do NOT need to be an expert on the topics being covered in order to enjoy and benefit from the experience!

Virtual Reading Group 1

Our first reading group will cover The Trials of Allegiance: Treason, Juries, and the American Revolution by Carlton F. W. Larson. The author, a scholar of American constitutional law and Anglo-American legal history, is a professor of law at the UC Davis School of Law.  

In his book The Trials of Allegiance, Professor Larson tells the story of a series of treason trials that took place in Philadelphia in the midst of the American Revolution from September 1778 to April 1779.

Session 1

  • Covers Chapters 1-4
  • Time and date TBD

Session 2

  • Covers Chapters 5-8
  • Time and date TBD

Session 3

  • Covers Chapters 9-12
  • Time and date TBD