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Take Jury Duty

Do your best to get on a jury, serve conscientiously, and deliver just verdicts. To be prepared to do this, you should not only understand your right to judge the law as well as the facts in the case, but also how to survive rigged jury oaths and selection procedures designed to eliminate fully informed jurors.

Visit our Called for Jury Duty? section a few days before you are to report for jury duty to prepare. FIJA regularly updates our resources to help you successfully serve on a jury despite the government's attempts to make sure fully informed jurors do not serve.


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There are many ways to put your time and energy to good use creating more fully informed jurors. We will soon have information on how you can start a community campaign in your area, host an information table at an event, join FIJA's speakers bureau, contribute your professional legal services in defense of jurors' rights and juror rights educators' rights, and more.

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