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Next Steps

What Next?

Thank you for joining us for one of our FIJA events. We hope you are inspired and eager to take action! This page is designed to make that easy for you if you are so inclined. Below you will find ways to:



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Volunteer to Adopt a State
Help crowd-source our Jury Health Project by volunteering approximately 1 hour per week doing online research on various jury-related topics regarding one state. Examples include checking for jury-related legislation, visiting state judiciary websites to find out if courts are open, searching rules of criminal conduct for speedy trial rules, etc.


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15 Minutes with FIJA Weekly Zoom Sessions
Monday evenings at 8:30 pm Eastern/7:30 pm Central/6:30 pm Mountain/5:30 pm Pacific
Join us for our weekly, live Zoom sessions to catch up on the major jury-related news of the week.


Virtual Reading Groups
Next group will discuss Injustice for All by Chris Surprenant and Jason Brennan on February 21, 28, and March 7. Upcoming book groups will discuss The Missing American Jury by Suja Thomas, Justice Before the Law by Michael Huemer, and more.


Host a FIJA Speaker
FIJA has pre-screened a number of speakers on jury nullification and related topics who are available for in person and online engagements.


Behind Closed Doors Podcast
FIJA's unique podcast is the only one we know of that focuses specifically on the American jury system and the intended role of jurors in protecting individual rights and liberty.


Key Jury-Related Legislation
FIJA tracks key, jury-related legislation under consideration in the states for informational and educational purposes. It will be updated frequently throughout the year as legislative sessions proceed.


Jury Health Project
Where do our jury rights stand today? It is time for a health check. View our growing project compiling state-by-state details of numerous aspects indicative of the health or lack thereof of jury systems nationwide. It will be updated frequently throughout the year as our volunteers compile more data for us to share with you.