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Jury Health Project

Jury Health Project

Since the founding of the United States, governments at all levels have chipped away at many of our rights that the founders intended to be protected by the Constitution, including the Bill of Rights. In other cases, where these founding documents did not guarantee and uphold liberty and justice for all, wider legal recognition of these rights has often been established through Constitutional amendments, legislation, and court precedent. The landscape for jury rights has changed significantly since the founding of the United States. Where do our jury rights stand today? It is time for a health check.

To provide exactly that, FIJA has created the Jury Health Project. We will be looking at numerous aspects indicative of the health or lack thereof of jury systems nationwide. We will evaluate the rules as officially spelled out, as well as their functionality in practice, of juries at the federal level, in all fifty states, and in Washington, D.C. with respect to each of these jury health indicators.

Over the last couple of years we have collected a MASSIVE amount of data that is now being double-checked, organized, and presented on the FIJA website for your use, beginning with data from the 50 states. Click on the state you are interested in below to be taken to its dedicated page. Check back soon if there isn't yet a page for the location you are interested in as we are adding information on a regular basis.


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