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Historic Works



Fugitive Slave Act Era

Lysander Spooner

  • Illegality of the Trial of John W. Webster (1850)
  • Vices Are Not Crimes: A Vindication of Moral Liberty (1875)
  • An Essay on the Trial by Jury (1852)—in progress
    • Chapter I. The Right of Juries to Judge of the Justice of Laws
    • Chapter II. The Right of Trial by Jury, As Defined by Magna Carta
    • Chapter III. Additional Proofs of the Rights and Duties of Jurors
      • Section 1. Weakness of the Regal Authority
      • Section 2. The Ancient Common Law Juries Were Mere Courts of Conscience
      • Section 3. The Oaths of Jurors
      • Section 4. The Right of Jurors to Fix the Sentence
      • Section 5. The Oaths of Judges
      • Section 6. The Coronation Oath
    • Chapter IV. The Rights and Duties of Jurors in Civil Suits
    • Chapter V. Objections Answered
    • Chapter VI. Juries of the Present Day Illegal
    • Chapter VII. Illegal Judges
    • Chapter VIII. The Free Administration of Justice
    • Chapter IX. The Criminal Intent
    • Chapter X. Moral Considerations for Jurors
    • Chapter XI. Authority of Magna Carta
    • Chapter XII. Limitations Imposed Upon the Majority by the Trial by Jury
    • Appendix—Taxation

Susan B. Anthony

Other Historic Works