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Jury Nullification Case Files

We are building the most comprehensive, online collection of legal cases about jury nullification, free speech in juror rights education, and other key cases in jury rights history. Jury nullification cases are organized below alphabetically by last name or common name of the case or group involved. As we set up a case file for one of the below cases, it can be reached by clicking the case file name. Cases with clickable links appear in green and have a brief description below them. Check back in the future for new case files.

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Jury Nullification Case Files

  • Anthony, Susan B.
  • Branch Davidian Trial
  • Bushell, Edward
  • Carriker, Kyler
  • Prospective jurors in Missoula County, Montana refused to convict a man accused of victimless violations with regard to 1/16 ounce of marijuana.

  • A jury acquitted Marine veteran and double amputee Melroy Cort of two felony charges for victimless firearms possession after he was arrested in Washington, D.C. with a pistol in his possession on the way to Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

  • Hodges, John
  • Kleinman, Noah
  • Lee, Jae
  • Moore, Tiawanda
  • Penn, William
  • Philadelphia Treason Trials
  • In the throes of being hounded mercilessly by prosecutors threatening him with up to 50 years in prison for an intellectual property dispute that had already been settled privately to the satisfaction of the parties in the dispute, Aaron Swartz took his own life by hanging. David Segal, Swartz' Demand Progress co-founder, believes a thriving jury system with fully informed jurors could prevent something like this from happening in the future.

  • Upstate Drone Action
  • Willis, Antonio
  • Woody, Elijah
  • Zenger, John Peter
  • A defense attorney moved before argumentation began to be allowed to argue jury nullification in this case by informing the jury of a 15-year mandatory minimum sentence they might consider unduly harsh for the crime charged. The judge agreed with the defense attorney and said he would permit it. Currently the trial is stayed pending outcome of the prosecution's appeal of this decision.