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Jury Rights Day Event Kit

Get Your FREE Jury Rights Day Event Kit

If you are hosting a Jury Rights Day celebration on or around September 5, we would love to help you out!

We have limited funds but will provide FREE Jury Rights Day event kits, with shipping included, to as many people as we can. Submit your request through this page on or before Friday, 19 August 2022, with all details confirmed on or before Monday, 22 August 2022.

This year's standard event kit will consist of:

  • sample press release in Word format that you can customize for your event
  • example Jury Rights Day proclamations based on which you can design your own proclamation to submit to your governor, mayor, etc.
  • 150 assorted FIJA educational brochures
  • additional brochures and/or a table kit may be added on request depending on the nature of your event and expected attendance

Please request your Jury Rights Day event kit through the form below. This form is ONLY for Jury Rights Day event kits. We will reach out to personally verify the details of your event before we consider your event confirmed and ship you a kit. If you would like materials for other purposes, you can order them from our online store here or request free materials here.

Request Your Jury Rights Day Event Kit

Contact Information

Please provide the name of the local organizer of the event who agrees to:

  • be the public point of contact whose name and email address or phone number will be made available online for people who are interested in the event to get more information about it
  • receive the Jury Rights Day event kit being shipped, and
  • provide the requested feedback after the event
Address Line 1 *
City *
State/Province *
Postal Code *

To get an event kit, you MUST provide either your email or telephone number (or you may provide both). We will use this information both to reach you and personally verify your event before shipping materials and to post publicly on our website as well as possibly share on social media or otherwise distribute it so that people interested in your event can get in touch with you. If you do not provide at least one of these pieces of information, we will not ship you an event kit.

Check one or both of the below options.
Event Information
Address Line 1 *
City *
State/Province *
Postal Code *
It's helpful if you create a public Facebook event page for your Jury Rights Day event. This allows us to add it to the FIJA Facebook page and get it more reach on Facebook. Be sure to make it PUBLIC! We cannot add a private event page to the FIJA Facebook page.
Material Quantity
Our standard Jury Rights Day event kit will include 200 handouts (either brochures or rack cards). Please let us know if you anticipate needing more or fewer handouts.
Table Kit

If you are hosting an informational table at a conference, gun show, hempfest, peace fair, farmers market, or other event, you can also request a table kit with a refundable deposit. We will send you a dark green tablecloth suitable for an 8-foot rectangular table, a FIJA logo table runner to go over the tablecloth, plastic brochure stands to display the brochures you requested above in an upright position, sample materials for passersby to browse at the table, and possibly other goodies to give away.

We cover the cost of shipping to you. You cover the cost of shipping the table kit back to us. To ensure we receive the reusable items back in a reasonable timeframe and in substantially similar condition, we charge a refundable deposit on request of the table kit. This will be fully refunded to you if you return the table kit in the condition in which you received it within two weeks of the end of your event.

Post-Event Feedback
These materials are provided to you for free thanks to generous gifts made by friends of FIJA. We need your help after your event to show them how their donations have been put to use. Therefore, we ask that you agree to provide the following: