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Getting on the Jury


Knowing about jury nullification is just one step in preparing to serve as a fully informed juror. Once you know about jury nullification, judges and prosecutors will be looking to keep you off a jury. They do this through a variety of means including:

  • assessing your appearance and demeanor to see if you seem independent-minded,
  • indirectly getting you to spill your guts by asking open-ended questions,
  • directly inquiring about your knowledge of jury nullification or opinions on the laws involved in the case,
  • coercing you to take an oath that suggests you are required to follow the judges directions,
  • and more!

We are assembling a stockpile of resources for you to use when you get that jury summons to increase your chances of successfully serving as a fully informed juror. Please check back whenever you get a jury summons as we will be adding and updating this information periodically.