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Here's What You Accomplished in 2019!



In 2019, your donations, volunteer work, conversations, clicks, likes, shares, upvotes and other educational outreach efforts contributed to:

  • jury nullification reporting nationwide in media including Christian Science Monitor, NBC, Reason, The Appeal,, the ACLU blog,, and more
  • soft-launching FIJA’s podcast Behind Closed Doors—the only jury-centered podcast we have been able to find, uniquely filling this niche (publicly debuting in 2020!)
  • supplying table kits and tens of thousands of brochures to volunteers nationwide conducting courthouse outreach campaigns, Jury Rights Day events, the Bughouse Square Debates in Chicago, Seattle Hempfest, numerous gun shows, and more
  • filing an Amicus Curiae brief in support of the right of jury nullification in the Second Circuit and begining work on a brief we were invited by the Michigan Supreme Court to submit in 2020 in juror rights educator Keith Wood’s free speech case
  • researching and sharing updated information throughout the year with the public on 64 key pieces of jury-related legislation nationwide, including 3 specifically regarding jury nullification
  • consistently ranking first or second on the Top Writers list for jury nullification on Quora, earning thousands more views in 2019
  • reaching people on Facebook more 300,000 times with on critical issues regarding the right to trial by jury
  • and MUCH MORE!

Thank you for being part of the FIJA family!

I still have some copies of our 2020 Jury Rights Calendar. This year's theme is Jury Nullification and the First Amendment. You can't buy them, but we are sending a complimentary copy to each of our current donors of $35 or more while supplies last! If you would like to make a donation to help bring in this century's Roaring Twenties like a lion, simply click here:

2019 End of Year Fundraiser