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FIJA Articles on Quora

One of FIJA's outreach efforts to reach people who are not already familiar with jurors' rights involves answering jury-related questions on Quora. Quora is a popular question-and-answer website with hundreds of millions of visitors each month. Members of the community can upvote, downvote, or comment on answers, thereby driving better quality answers to more prominent view.

Not only do these articles get seen by Quora readers, including those who visit the website and those who receive Quora's email digests, but they often rank highly in search engines such as Google. This not only helps FIJA introduce our educational information to new audiences but also helps to bring people back to the FIJA website for more information. Even views of articles not strictly discussing jury nullification help guide readers to our website and other articles that can then introduce them to jurors' rights.

Although the rankings of top writers in each topic on Quora are dynamic, FIJA executive director Kirsten Tynan has consistently ranked the Most Viewed Writer in the topic of Jury Nullification in recent months, and frequently in the top 10 Most Viewed Writers on other more general jury-related topics. You can keep FIJA articles in prominent view on Quora, where they will reach thousands of new people, by upvoting and commenting on those articles listed below that you find valuable.

Jury Nullification

Jury Selection

Grand Juries

Failing to Attend Jury Duty

Juror Compensation

Sequestration of Juries

Public Records Regarding Jurors and Juries

Asset Forfeiture

Being Excused from Jury Duty

Criminal Convictions and Eligibility for Jury Service