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FIJA is primarily a volunteer-driven organization. We have just one full-time staff member, so your volunteer assistance is greatly appreciated!

Our goal is to match you, the prospective volunteer, with opportunities that:

  • are meaningful and fulfilling to you,
  • effectively contribute to advancing FIJA's mission, and
  • fit well with your skills and available time.

We have a variety of long-term, short-term, and one-time volunteer opportunities. Please help us get to know you better so that we may match you with a volunteer need.

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Courthouse Outreach
  • Guest Speakers
  • Volunteer Attorneys
  • Hosting Information Tables at Special Events
Contact Information
Additional Details
Are you interested in volunteering on an ongoing basis (such as weekly courthouse outreach, ongoing community campaigns, etc.), volunteering on as-needed basis (such as hosting information tables at special events, speaking engagements, etc.), or both?
Do you prefer to work with the general public (e.g. hosting information tables at events, public speaking, etc.) or stay a bit more behind the scenes working internally with FIJA (e.g. research, writing, etc.)?
Please list any special skills you have that you think would be of particular help in advancing FIJA's mission (e.g. attorney services, public speaking, writing, video production, graphic design, etc.)
Have you ever been convicted of a crime? (This does not necessarily disqualify you from volunteering, but it may affect the types of volunteer activity you are involved in.)
Are you currently involved in a criminal or civil legal matter? (This does not necessarily disqualify you from volunteering, but it may affect the types of volunteer activity you are involved in.)

Volunteer Training for Community Outreach

If you are interested in sharing FIJA brochures at courthouses, hosting an information table at an event, or putting together a multi-faceted campaign in your community, the first thing we ask that you do is attend one of our live, online sessions of Volunteer Training for Community Outreach. These are held at select times throughout the year, but we can also schedule additional sessions on request. 

Click here to register for one of our currently scheduled training sessions.

If there are no sessions currently scheduled that you can participate in, click here to request a session be scheduled.

Unfortunately, we do not have the resources necessary to conduct one-on-one training with everyone, so please let us know at least three weeks in advance of when you would like to schedule a training. This will give us time to schedule the training and have time to advertise it through our email list and social media to allow others to participate as well.

Please also keep in mind that we do not train people to do courthouse outreach with regard to a specific individual's case, whether it is their own or someone else's. This training is for general educational outreach. In the training, we will get into the details of why FIJA's guidelines are for general juror education outreach separated from individual case advocacy.