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Welcome to the Courthouse

Welcome to the Courthouse

Friends of FIJA in Texas introduced us to a great way to use Bluetooth-enabled smartphones near courthouses to spread FIJA's message further. When you are doing general educational outreach at a courthouse or visiting there for other reasons, you can broadcast a link to a page on the FIJA website from the phone in your pocket or purse. That signal will be picked up by other Bluetooth-enabled phones in the vicinity, inviting other people around you to visit that page.

With our "Welcome to the Courthouse" program, FIJA works with you to bring this to your local courthouse!

What we do:
1. Provide general instructions for acquiring, installing, and using a beacon app on your smartphone. (You may need to be either a bit tech savvy yourself or prevail upon someone you know who is if you need assistance. Unfortunately, we cannot provide detailed instructions or tech support for specific apps.)
2. Create and host a general "Welcome to the Courthouse" page for broadcast at any courthouse, as well as customized individual pages for specific courthouses as needs and opportunities arise.

What you do:
1. Install a free beacon app from your app store on your smartphone.
2. Input a message and URL into the app directing people to the relevant page on the FIJA website.
3. Turn on Bluetooth and activate your beacon app when you are at a courthouse.

The FIJA national office is putting together customized pages to be broadcast at specific courthouses to provide a more personalized experience and locally relevant information when possible. If there is not yet a page for your local courthouse, you can request a page be created for your local courthouse.

We may request that you take a photograph of the courthouse for which you are requesting a page that we can use to customize the page. Priority will be given to making pages for courthouses where ongoing outreach campaigns are in progress. Until there is a page specifically for your courthouse, you can use the general page designed for use at all courthouses in the United States.