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Jury Nullification &Missive of the Month | 16 Aug 2013

-MISSIVE OF THE MONTH: Michigan Should Follow New Hampshire on Jury Nullification


In a Letter to the Editor of The Daily Mining Gazette, Larry Korpi urges Michigan to follow New Hampshire’s lead on jury nullification law. Michigan should follow N.H. Michigan, like the other states, holds justice in contempt by court. But not in the “live free or die” state, in New Hampshire, who passed a law […]


Jury Nullification | 15 Aug 2013

-Jury Nullification One Strategy to Defend the Unhoused from Abusive City Ordinances


As the California town of Palo Alto considered (yet again) criminalizing living in a vehicle, Aram James advocates jury nullification as a strategy to push back against an unjust, inhumane, expensive, and wasteful policy designed to demonize and punish the unhoused. Palo Alto to Decide Whether Sleeping in Car Should Result in Jail Sentence Trial […]


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