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T-Shirt and Swag Design Contest Rules

2019 FIJA T-Shirt and Swag Design Contest Official Rules

Contest is open to adults 18 years of age or older as of the date of entry. No purchase is necessary to enter. Officers, directors, and staff of the Fully Informed Jury Association may submit designs, but they are not eligible to win prizes. All federal, state, and local laws and regulations apply. Void where prohibited by law. Prizes will not be shipped outside of the United States.

Entries must be received through the entry form on FIJA's website on or before 14 June 2019 to be eligible for consideration.  

We anticipate offering apparel and other items on both white backgrounds and dark green backgrounds. You can design for either or both backgrounds. For reference, FIJA’s standard dark green color used in much of our printing is Pantone 357c, but you are not required to use that.

Designs should include only one print color per shirt. For example, green for print on a white shirt or white for print on a green shirt. However, you are welcome to submit two differently colored, but otherwise identical versions of one design so it can be printed on both t-shirt colors. If you do so, together they will count as only one of your three allowed entries. Please submit designs (even white) with a transparent background so they are ready for print.

Each design should be planned for print only on one side of an item. No special print areas (e.g. printing on sleeves, etc.) should be included in the design.

Use of the following slogans is encouraged:

  • Jury Duty Is for Heroes  
  • Don’t Check Your Conscience at the Courthouse Door
  • No Victim, No Crime
  • You Be the Judge
  • Smart Enough to Get Out of Jury Duty, _______* Enough to Serve
    (*insert your own verbiage here)

If you use the above slogans, your entry must also include other graphic elements that make your design unique. We are looking for you to be creative! Simply submitting the text of these slogans or the text plus a FIJA logo will not be counted as a contest entry, though FIJA may choose to offer shirts designed by the national office in this format in the voting phase.

Entrants may also use their own original language/slogan. Language used should convey a clear, accurate and relevant message with a positive and empowering tone.

We encourage you to include the FIJA website URL or on the t-shirt. Designs should NOT include FIJA's toll-free number as we are moving toward retiring that number in the future.

Use of FIJA logos in contest entries is allowed. Use of other brands' artwork or trademarked content is prohibited.

Entries may NOT include:
(a) profanity, nudity or material deemed inappropriate or offensive by FIJA;
(b) derogatory, false or defamatory statements about any person or any third party;
(c) obscene, indecent, violent, sexually explicit, abusive, discriminatory, racially inflammatory material or material that is antagonistic toward any particular religion or religion in general;
(d) content in violation of any person’s right to privacy or other rights; or
(e) use of any photos, drawings, images or elements created by any other person, other than use of designated FIJA logos and slogans outlined within these Official Rules.

If an entry includes any of the prohibited elements listed above, the entry will be disqualified.

Entries should be submitted in an electronic, print-ready format that can go directly to the printer without additional editing or other work by FIJA. Specifically, they should comply with the following requirements:

Maximum print area: 14” x 17”
Submit art in the actual size it should be printed on a t-shirt.
Maximum file size: 20 MB
Minimum 300 DPI resolution or higher at full scale/at size
Transparent background—All designs must have a transparent background, even if it makes it difficult to see the design. We will superimpose your design over a background of an appropriate color for online display, but we need the file you submit to have a transparent background for print purposes.
File formats accepted: ai, .psd, .eps, .png, .pdf
If submitting .ai, .psd, or .eps, please convert text to outlines.

If you do not have graphic design software, you may still be able to participate! Check online for free, web-based tools such as Canva in which you can design your entry.

During the Entry Period, each entrant may submit up to three separate entries on the FIJA website here.  

It is each entrant’s responsibility to fill out the entry form accurately and completely such that we can reach them in the event that their entry has been selected as a finalist or winning entry.

By entering, contestants warrant that each entry is their original creation and does not infringe on anyone else’s rights.

By submitting an entry, contestants acknowledge and agree that their names and entered designs may be posted on FIJA’s website, social media, or otherwise used online by FIJA; may be printed on FIJA materials, including but not limited to apparel and educational outreach items; and may be used by FIJA in any other way FIJA deems appropriate.

FIJA reserves the right to modify or reject any entry, in their sole and absolute discretion, that does not meet the above criteria. Once submitted, an entry cannot be modified by the contestant. Only the first three entries submitted by an individual will be considered.

FIJA will select up to six winning designs from among all of the entries. FIJA reserves the right to pick more than one, one, or no entries depending on the suitability of the entries. 

Designs will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Concept/originality
  • Conveying a clear, positive, and empowering message in keeping with FIJA's educational purpose
  • Completeness of design, print feasibility, and readiness for print
  • Striking and memorable design visible from a reasonable distance
  • Suitability for use on non-apparel items as well as t-shirts and hoodies
  • Adherence to the design guidelines and technical guidelines

Everyone who enters will get a free t-shirt from FIJA’s current inventory of the designs we are retiring—the yellow “We Are Everywhere” design and the white “Know Your Rights” design. Because we’re on the last of our inventory for those designs, not all sizes are available, but we will get as close to your preferred size as possible. Only one t-shirt will be sent per person, regardless of number of designs entered. In the event that we run out of t-shirts, FIJA may substitute another item.

Contestants selected as winners will be announced online at the conclusion of the judging phase. Each winner will receive a prize pack including at least one t-shirt with one of the winning designs (not necessarily their own) on it, plus a prize pack featuring a selection of other items from FIJA. Prizes will be shipped to the physical address listed on each winner's entry form.

If multiple winners are selected through the judging phase, we will narrow down the winning entries to just 1, 2, or (possibly) 3 designs that we will stock for sale in the FIJA store, use as educational outreach items, give away as part of FIJA programs, etc. Our goal is to select designs that will be worn proudly and will not wind up sitting in FIJA storage or in the back of someone’s closet for years.

To do this, we’ll put market forces to work in determining the final designs that FIJA will stock for sale and other uses. Final selection of designs to be on FIJA's new swag will be based on pre-orders and donations submitted through the pre-order and donation form that will be online from the time the winners are announced through the end of the pre-order period.

During that timeframe, you will be able to order t-shirts, hoodies, tote bags and possibly other items with any of the winning designs on them. This is the only period in which that will be the case, so if you see a design you like, snap it up then! If you do not wish to purchase items, but would like to support one or more designs as those that FIJA will be stocking in inventory, you will also be able to make a donation in support of your preferred design(s) at that time, for which you will receive no goods in return.

At the end of the pre-order period, FIJA will purchase all pre-ordered items from a vendor. If you ordered an item of a certain design, even if we don't ultimately stock that item, you will receive it! After the end of the pre-order period, however, only those designs that have shown the most public appeal as demonstrated by preorders and donations will be available from FIJA. With the donations received and modest income from the pre-orders, we will order a suitable additional quantity of items with up to three of the winning designs to stock FIJA's inventory. If there is an excess of donations beyond what we stock, the excess will be used to fund other FIJA work.

This is not part of the contest or a separate contest, and no additional prizes are awarded to those whose designs are selected through this process for FIJA's inventory. However, if your design is selected, you can bask in the glory of having your design proudly worn and otherwise displayed nationwide, creating more fully informed jurors wherever it is seen!

Please email with any questions you may have and we will do our best to clarify any details for you as needed.