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Jury Nullification 101: What Is It and How Do You Use It?

Tuesday, August 9, 2022
10:00 am MDT11:30 am MDT

Jury nullification is a legal and ethical way to protect others from unjust imprisonment and government overreach. But how do you do it in the real world?

This webinar is designed specifically to cover the nuts and bolts of jury nullification in practice. You'll learn how to get on a jury, stay on a jury, and conscientiously acquit if you feel that's what justice demands.

The webinar will start with a short explanation of the basics of jury nullification to get everyone up to speed. Then we'll spend most of the webinar with criminal trial attorneys who defend people in jury trials discussing the major hurdles that people have reported prevented them from exercising their right of jury nullification such as:
• questions about whether jury nullification is legal or not,
• concerns about whether or not you can be prosecuted for exercising jury nullification,
• filling out juror questionnaires,
• blending in when you appear for jury duty,
• dealing with various oaths you may be told to swear or affirm,
• answering questions during in-person jury selection,
• whether or not to discuss jury nullification during deliberations,
• and more!

If you're not yet clear on what jury nullification is and how it works, we'll get you up to speed!

If you are already familiar with the basic concept of jury nullification but think you can't get on a jury now that you're fully informed, THINK AGAIN!

Our panel of practicing defense attorneys experienced in jury trials will discuss how to avoid eliminating yourself or being unnecessarily excused during jury selection without getting into legal hot water. You will also hear some options for what to do if it looks like you will be excused. And we'll introduce you to resources on the FIJA website you can review when you are summoned for jury duty to help you put your knowledge to use in a real life situation.

It's one thing to understand your rights. Now learn how to exercise them!

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