We celebrate Jury Rights Day on September 5 to commemorate the famous jury nullification case of William Penn in 1670.

This year Jury Rights Day falls on the Tuesday following Labor Day!

If you are hosting a celebration event anytime from the weekend before to the weekend after Jury Rights Day, we would love to help you out with a free event kit and publicity for your event in exchange for your feedback and photos afterward.

To request your kit, please fill out and submit the form below NO LATER THAN 28 August 2017 or 7 days prior to your event date, whichever is earlier.

To ensure adequate time for packing and delivery, we will not be filling requests after that date.

This year we are collecting a small deposit that will be refunded to each organizer who follows through with the necessary feedback after the event. Event coordinators who provide a count of brochures distributed during the event (you can keep any leftovers!), a few sentences describing the event, and three photos from the event within two weeks after their event’s scheduled date will have this deposit refunded to them. These things help us to thank our donors, plan for future events, and promote Jury Rights Day in the future!