Flat Smilie Project

Flat Smilie Project

Join friends of FIJA nationwide in fun challenges to help Flat Smilie get to as many courthouses as possible!

Flat Smilie Project

For years, Bob Smilie has been one of our most active FIJA volunteers!

Bob has organized courthouse outreach at several locations in Texas; spoken for community groups; hosted information tables at gun shows, hempfests, and other events; and has even traveled out of state for juror rights outreach.

Bob would be everywhere if he could!

You can help Bob do just that.

The Flat Smilie Project is inspired (but not affiliated with or endorsed) by the children’s book and its namesake literacy program known as the Flat Stanley Project. In the original project, children color a drawing of a character named Flat Stanley and mail him to a family member or other person.

We aim to use the character Flat Smilie to encourage friends of FIJA to do jurors rights education activities through Flat Smilie challenges. As the project gains momentum, we plan to expand it to add a fun and memorable children’s curriculum on the importance of trial by jury.

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Join the fun!

Here's how:
1. Print out a copy of Flat Smilie.
Click on the blank image of Flat Smilie to download a .png file to print.

2. Decorate your Flat Smilie!
This one was done by FIJA Executive Director Kirsten Tynan. We can't wait to see yours. We might even feature it right here!

3. Join others nationwide in a Flat Smilie Challenge.
We currently have two active Flat Smilie Challenges. Click these challenges for details of how to participate in each:
50 States in 50 Days
Flat Smilie's Summer Road Trip

4. Take a photo of your Flat Smile doing the applicable challenge and then submit your photo here!

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If you are under 18, please have your parent submit your Flat Smilie on your behalf.
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Make sure we can tell from the photo that it was taken at the courthouse!
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5. Don't throw away your Flat Smilie!
We may contact you to request a scanned image of your Flat Smilie for a Flat Smilie Hall of Fame. You may want to scan a copy before you fold him up and send him in the mail. If you're not mailing him anywhere, you can use your Flat Smilie again for future challenges!