Yes, I want to create more fully informed jurors!

Together, we can ensure access to fully informed juries for all.

We have raised $6,746.10 of our goal.

Fully informed jurors level the playing field by voting Not Guilty when the law itself is unjust or unjustly applied, even if it has technically been broken.

Your contributions are critical to empowering more fully informed jurors to deliver truly just verdicts! Thank you for your generous support.

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"When I read the stories of people's lives who are destroyed by a legal system run amok, I despair. It is when reading about lives saved by heroic juries who have the courage and wisdom to render a just verdict, regardless of the law, that I take heart and know that we are progressing as humans. Contributing to FIJA is one of the most important things I do to promote justice and well being for my fellow man."
—Robert Anthony Peters, Vice Chairman of the FIJA Board of Directors

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