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Yes! I want to invest in fully informed jurors!

Your donation will go A LONG WAY toward:

  • printing FIJA’s brand new, full-color brochure on jury nullification and the First Amendment (You’ll be among the first to receive one, and it’s almost ready to go! Most likely you will see this in your mail in January.),

  • celebrating Lysander Spooner’s birthday in January with an online discussion of his jury-related works,

  • hosting the 4th annual online State of the American Jury System presentation in February,

  • editing and publishing an e-book highlighting the works of Lysander Spooner on or related to jury rights issues, 

  • developing a multi-part email series on jury nullification that will be sent to all new subscribers to the FIJA newsletter as an introductory class on jury nullification when they sign up, 

  • continuing to expand and update—the world's premier resource for jury nullification education and related information—and keep it available to the public at no charge,

  • supporting volunteers creating fully informed jurors at courthouses, conferences, and other events with educational materials, booth fees, meal or coffee stipends, etc. 

  • and much more!

Please make your donation today to educate the public fully and accurately about jury rights—especially their right to vote not guilty even if the law has technically been broken. Your gift will give them the tools they need to exercise rights the government wants to keep hidden from them!

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Kirsten C. Tynan
Executive Director

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  • Robert Anthony Peters

    "When I read the stories of people's lives who are destroyed by a legal system run amok, I despair. It is when reading about lives saved by heroic juries who have the courage and wisdom to render a just verdict, regardless of the law, that I take heart and know that we are progressing as humans. Contributing to FIJA is one of the most important things I do to promote justice and well being for my fellow man."