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Jury Nullification | 04 Dec 2013

-Anti-Jury Nullification Prosecutor Complains of Lack of Funds


Jury BoxReason’s Jacob Sullum shares some of U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara’s complaints about the effect of sequestration on his office. Bharara complains that without more money, his office will simply get smaller and smaller each year. Not such a bad idea, says Sullum, pointing out his “mission” involves prosecuting lots of offenses that shouldn’t be, or aren’t even crimes, including handing out jury nullification literature:

Imagine How Much Preet Bharara Could Accomplish If He Had Even Fewer Resources

Sounds like good news to me, since Bharara’s understanding of his mission includes pernicious uses of taxpayer money such as prosecuting people for helping New Yorkers play poker online, for connecting drug suppliers with consumers, and even for passing out pamphlets about jury nullification. If anything, Bharara’s office would benefit from the prioritization that budget cuts require. Even in the speech where he whines about not having enough money to protect the public, he brags about “shut[ting] down a major on-line currency service used by criminals [Liberty Reserve, presumaby] and the world’s largest underground website for drugs and contraband [i.e., Silk Road].” A look at Bharara’s recent press releases reinforces the impression that sequestration so far has left him plenty of resources to prosecute people for things that should not be crimes…