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Jurors Doing Justice | 01 Nov 2013

-Jury Finds Florida Sheriff Nick Finch Not Guilty


IMG_1132cropYesterday a jury took just over an hour to acquit suspended Liberty County Sheriff Nick Finch, who was accused of improperly freeing a man carrying a concealed weapon. Finch says he released the unfortunate arrest victim, who had harmed nor threatened nobody, because the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution takes precedent over local gun regulations.

Jury Finds Florida Sheriff Nick Finch Not Guilty of Misconduct

A Florida Panhandle jury took roughly an hour on Thursday to declare suspended Liberty County Sheriff Nick Finch not guilty of misconduct stemming from his decision to intervene in a gun arrest.

Finch was arrested in June after prosecutors alleged he had destroyed official records related to the March arrest of Floyd Eugene Parrish. Parrish was arrested by one of Finch’s deputies during a traffic stop for carrying a pistol in his pocket without a concealed weapons permit. Two hours later, Finch arrived at the jail and had Parrish released. Finch said he released Parrish because he did not believe state gun laws should trump the Second Amendment.

Finch also denied destroying any records and insisted that it made little sense to charge Parrish since so many people in the county routinely carry guns in their cars and trucks.

State prosecutors are openly disappointed at not being able to punish victimless behavior in this instance:

State Attorney Willie Meggs — who said this is the first time he had prosecuted a sheriff during his nearly 30 years in office — said he was disappointed with the outcome.

“We thought we established the case, the verdict should have been guilty on both counts,” Meggs said.

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