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Jury Nullification & Jury Rights Day | 03 Aug 2013

-Inform Everyone About Jury Nullification On Jury Rights Day 2013


brightblue_square_438x441It’s that time of year again! Jury Rights Day 2013 is coming up in just over a month on Thursday, 5 September. This annual celebration commemorates the famous case in which William Penn’s jury refused to convict him of violating England’s Conventicle Act by publicly preaching a religion not approved by the government. Learn more about Jury Rights Day here. Because Jury Rights Day falls on what is a work day for many people, we encourage you to celebrate it the weekend before or after if you can’t get out to celebrate it in your community on the 5th of September.

How will YOU help inform your community about the powerful tool of jury nullification that jurors have available to them to protect their communities against malicious prosecutions and unjust laws?

As Jury Rights Day events are planned across the country, we will be listing them on our Jury Rights Day 2013 Events calendar. Click through to find an event in your area.

If you don’t see an event in your area, we invite you to organize one! Check out our Jury Rights Day page for some suggestions. Join our Jury Rights Day 2013 Facebook event to organize with other activists on Facebook. Be sure to let us know ahead of time when, where, and what your event will be by e-mailing us at aji@fija.org so that we can list it and publicize it. Please also take lots of pictures and/or video and send it to us so we can share your hard work with the rest of the world!