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Function of Juries & Jury Nullification | 28 Jun 2013

-Report on a Judge’s and a Prosecutor’s Views on Jury Nullification


FIJAInfoatSDHallofJusticeWe have come across a report by Adela Falk of The Human Solution regarding this week’s case of medical marijuana user and grower Tim O’Shea’s case in San Diego.

Funny that we take different lessons from court support

Apparently, several activist were passing out Jury Nullification pamphlets to potential jurors early in the morning. Prosecutor La Touche saw and obtained a pamphlet; she shared it with the court. Thus, Judge Charles Rogers spoke about Jury Nullification. His position on Jury Nullification is also reflected by fellow Judges in our local court system.

He claimed that jury nullification is a notion- a form of a political theory.

Judge Rogers continued to say that is the duty as a juror is to follow the law as it is written even if you don’t agree with it.

Choke on this: Judge Rogers thanked Prosecutor La Touche for informing him about the weed that was sprouting outside. Referencing very condescendingly that knowledge about jury nullification is an annoying weed that needs to be removed before it overgrows into societies thinking. Educate yourself and others about this important principle of freedom. Don’t allow Judges and Prosecutors to thwart the will of the People.

Click through for more extensive reporting on the judge’s and prosecutor’s views on jurors’ rights and responsibilities.

It is not surprising that both a judge and a prosecutor take the same dim view of jury independence. Judges and prosecutors are government employees, both paid by the government, and therefore both represent the government. They have a vested interest in keeping the court full and shuffling as many people into the prison system as possible.

Terrie Best reported on Facebook that the jury deadlocked 9 Not Guilty, 3 Guilty, with the two alternate jurors who did not vote also saying they would have voted Not Guilty. With a hung jury, the prosecution could refile, but she thinks it unlikely given the split was very heavily in favor of acquittal. It will be at least Monday before more information is available on whether or not the case will be retried.