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Function of Juries & Jury Nullification | 26 Jun 2013

-Jurors Explain Decision in Hershberger Case


Last night in Rock Springs, Wisconsin, jurors in the the Vernon Hershberger case spoke to the public about the courtroom shenanigans that led to their confusing verdict.

The anchor gets some of the details wrong about the charges and verdicts in this video, but check it out for comments from the jurors, one of whom describes the trial as “a waste of everybody’s time”.

The Wisconsin State Journal also covered the event, at which jurors expressed anger that relevant information was withheld from them which misled them to convict wrongly one one count.
Jurors who acquitted him speak in support of organic farmer Vernon Hershberger

Hershberger, 41, would have been found not guilty on all counts if the jury had been given fuller information regarding the holding order, Bollfrass-Hopp said. She added she was angry to learn after the trial that some key information was withheld from the jury by state prosecutors and Sauk County judge Guy Reynolds.

“I was making myself sick second-guessing myself for a week after the trial before I realized we did the best we could with what we had in front of us,” said Bollfrass-Hopp, who is a manager at a telecommunications company.

Winecke told the audience, which included Hershberger and his wife, Erma, that she, too, was angered when she learned all the facts behind the holding order. “How can we make a decision when we can’t see all the evidence?” said Winecke, 46, of Rock Springs.

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