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Jury Nullification | 07 Jun 2013

-Sentencing in Rich Paul Jury Nullification Case Today


RichPaulAs Rich Paul awaits sentencing today for his conviction on victimless drug-related charges, apparently levied against him in an attempt by the FBI to secure his cooperation in infiltrating a local political group, we remind everyone that he is raising funds to mount an appeal. You may recall that the Rich Paul case was tainted by improper jury instructions issued by the judge, misinforming the jury that they were required to follow the law as he interpreted it for them. The judge gave the jury this misinformation in spite of New Hampshire’s recently passed law that acknowledges a jury’s right to nullify.

Rich is facing a possible sentence of more than 81 years imprisonment. Sentencing is scheduled for 1:30 pm today at Cheshire County Superior Court, Keene, NH. Rich has stated his intention to appeal based in part on the faulty instructions by the judge. To contribute to his legal appeal, visit the Rich Paul Appeal Fundraiser on GoFundMe.com.

In this article, Rich talks about the damaging psychological toll his imprisonment is taking on him, in spite of the fact that his actions harmed nobody.
Pot Activist Risking Life In Jail Says He’s A Victim Of FBI Persecution

As I sit in jail, deprived of the medicine I need, I can feel my desire to live slipping away, displaced by the old rage and despair. I have some hope that I will be released to seek refuge in a state, like Michigan or Colorado, which tolerates people like me, but with my depression untreated I expect the worst. All I want is to fulfill our state motto: ‘live free or die.’

What I ask from you is to take up the fight for tolerance of people like me. My use of marijuana neither picks your pocket nor breaks you leg, and neither does selling it to adults who seek it out. I should not be looking at hard time without ever having violated the golden rule.

Click through for the entire article which discuses in more detail the FBI’s role in harming a peaceful victim of government abuse.

You can also support Rich by writing to him through the Mail to Jail program or directly:
Rich Paul
c/o Cheshire County D.O.C.
825 Marlboro Road
Keene, NH 03431