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Jury Nullification | 14 May 2013

-Rich Paul Plans Appeal in Jury Nullification Case


RichPaulFree Keene has posted a letter from recently convicted marijuana activist Rich Paul sent from jail. In the letter, he discusses his plans for an appeal based in part on the instructions against jury nullification given by the judge to the jury.

Rich Paul needs your help with his appeal

My spirits remain high, despite my setback, and I have hope, still, for my appeal! I have been responding to every letter I have received!

The stakes on my appeal are much higher than just what happens to me. The primary issue on appeal will be the anti-nullification jury instructions which the judge gave my jury. A successful appeal will set a precedent for all future attempts at Jury Nullification… which is much more important than where I spend my next couple of years! If you care about Jury Nullification, please donate to this cause! Only appeals courts create binding precedent!

Paul is raising money to hire an attorney to mount his appeal. Click through for the entire letter, including information on contributing to his legal defense fund.