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Jury Nullification | 27 Feb 2013

-Update on Georgia’s Fully Informed Jury Bill


FIJA national is a non-political, strictly educational organization. We do not support or oppose any piece of legislation. However, we do track legislation that is relevant to our educational mission. We have come across a mention of the Fully Informed Jury bill currently going through the legislative process in Georgia:

Doug Holt: Heading into intense portion of the session

HB 25, titled the Fully Informed Jury Act of 2013, would require that judges allow a defendant to argue for jury nullification in court proceedings. Jury nullification happens when a jury either disagrees with the law the defendant is being charged under, or feels that the law shouldn’t be applied in the case before them. Thus the jury essentially takes the law into its own hands and acquits. The author seems to feel that judges are given undue discretion in whether to allow discussion of nullification.