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Function of Juries | 27 Feb 2013

-Beware of Jury Duty Scams


Muskegon County, Michigan residents have been targeted by a variation of a recurring scam in which they are threatened by a caller or through e-mail with arrest for allegedly missing jury duty.

Jury Duty Scam

We have received numerous phone calls from citizens and potential jurors informing us that they have received phone calls and e-mails stating that they have missed jury duty. Some have been told their name is on a list at the courthouse, some have been told that they have a bench warrant out for their arrest. Some have been told that they have the option to pay a $500 fine or serve a 30 day jail sentence.

Snopes.com confirms that this variations of this scam have been cropping up for years. We remind everyone to be cautious and independently verify information before disclosing personal details, making payments, etc. if contacted by an unknown individual.