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Jury Nullification | 16 Oct 2012

Weedman Seeking ‘Pothead’ for His Jury


While the Fully Informed Jury Association takes no position on this case, we are following it closely as the case relates to issues of jurors’ rights and responsibilities. The defendant, Ed Forchion, has openly stated his intention to argue for jury nullification. This case is a retrial on a drug distribution charge following a previous hung jury on this same charge. His trial had previously been scheduled to start on September 5, which is Jury Rights Day, but was rescheduled to October.

Weedman seeking ‘pothead’ for his jury

He [defendant Ed Forchion] also has been barred from presenting a jury-nullification defense, which Forchion said would allow the panel to reject the law it will be instructed to follow and acquit him.

Forchion, a self-proclaimed “superhero to the potheads,” has taken to the Internet and social networking sites for support, calling for “potheads everywhere” to “occupy my courtroom.”

Three supporters watched Wednesday’s proceedings as potential jurors were asked about their feelings on the war on drugs and their ability to follow the law.

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