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Jury Rights Day | 02 Sep 2012

New Hampshire Governor Lynch and Jury Nullification


NEWS RELEASE – from http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=251292

Governor Lynch has, for several years, recognized the Honor due all citizens who have served as jurors, by his Proclamation celebrating September 5, 2012 as “Jury Appreciation Day”.

This annual national event commemorates the trial of William Penn. His jurors refused to convict him even though he had violated the government statute by preaching a religion not approved by the state. The judge imprisoned the jurors and they suffered deprivation of food and water, as inhumane coercion was inflicted by the judge. The jurors stood firm and refused to convict Mr. Penn until a higher court subsequently ruled that the jurors could not be prosecuted for their verdict, and the principle of “Jury Nullification” became firmly established in law.

On June 18, 2012 Governor Lynch signed HB 146 legislation which placed the “Fully Informed Jury” into statute as “Chapter 0243 Effective 01/01/2013.” We invite all to join with us in celebrating September 5, 2012 as Jury Rights Day in the “Live Free or Die” State.

The need for jurors to be fully informed is self evident, as jurors are the conscience of the community and hold such nullifying power by authority enumerated in Article Eight, New Hampshire “Bill of Rights”, wherein “All Power” is reserved to the people to nullify the acts of overzealous prosecutors, judges, and legislators.

New Hampshire now has the celebrity of being the first state in the union to enjoy such legislation. More information may be viewed at http://www.fija.org or you may dial 1-800-TEL-JURY and ask for information to be sent to you free by mail.

Submitted by:
Dick Marple
FIJA Representative for New Hampshire
11 Dartmouth Street
Hooksett, New Hampshire Republic