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Jury Rights Day | 16 Aug 2012

Jury Rights Day Opportunity- Public Service Announcements


More free stuff for Jury Rights Day outreach, plus a chance to win free stuff for you!

Are you unable to get out in your community to d outreach on or around Jury Rights Day? Still want to participate? We have a quick, easy, and FREE opportunity for you- Public Service Announcements.

We have brief PSA text scripts as well as audio and video PSAs available that you can submit to local media outlets, or include in your own podcasts or videos. They can all be downloaded here: http://fija.org/document-library/public-service-announcements/

I especially encourage you to check out the text PSAs, which we just added this week and which has a special Jury Rights Day PSA. Text is the format in which a lot of community and public radio stations want public service announcements submitted. Rather than running pre-recorded announcements, their on-air staff read them during breaks in regular programming.

At the top of the Text PSAs page, I’ve included a quick 3-step process I’ve used to submit the Jury Rights Day PSA to both KGLT community radio (serving Bozeman and Helena, Montana) and KUFM (Montana Public Radio). Basically, you find the radio station’s website, look for a page on which to submit a PSA, and then submit a short form into which you copy and paste the PSA text.

If you submit jury nullification PSAs to any radio stations, please comment here, send us a message, or e-mail kirsten@fija.org. We may include an article on our website or in our newsletter about this outreach effort so we’d like to find out where PSAs have been submitted and give credit to those who did so.

ADDED BONUS: If you let us know which PSA(s) you submitted to which media outlet(s), I will include you in a drawing for one of our vintage T-shirt designs (M, L, XL) OR a 10-pack of our bumper stickers including the popular NO VICTIM, NO CRIME sticker! I need to hear from you by comment, by Facebook message, or by e-mail to kirsten@fija.org on or before 31 August for you to be included in the drawing.

Let’s get the word out in our communities with these PSAs!