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Jury Rights Day | 10 Aug 2011

Post a Jury Rights Day Graphic on Your Website


How will YOU be celebrating Jury Rights Day?

Here’s something simple you can do RIGHT NOW to help celebrate Jury Rights Day and get the word out about the juror’s authority and responsibility in delivering justice.

Add one of our Jury Rights Day graphics to your website and link back to our site. Be sure to email us at aji(AT)fija(DOT)org to let us know where you have posted it.

Use one of these banners to show your support for Jury Rights Day. Please don’t link directly to the image. Download the image and upload it to your own website.

Jury Rights Day - yellow Jury Rights Day - blue

Jury Rights Day - dark blueJury Rights Day - white

Jury Rights Day - white

Jury Rights Day - white banner

For those who have an event or activity scheduled, please let us know! You may e-mail aji(AT)fija(DOT)org with the details and we will be happy to help get the word out through our social media circles. We would also appreciate it if you would send a write-up on your event, with pictures if you have them, after it takes place to be featured on our website or in our newsletter. If you post video from your event, please send us those links as well!

For more ideas and resources for your outreach events and activities, please visit our Jury Rights Day page.