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FIJActivist & Volunteer | 30 Jun 2011

FIJA Reiterates Outreach Policy


Misinformation has been circulated through the internet—by someone not affiliated with FIJA—regarding the status of Belvin Perry’s order banning distribution of FIJA literature at the Orlando and Orange County courthouse complex in Florida. We remind all activists that this order has not been removed. It is being legally challenged, but it is still enforceable until such time as a ruling is issued.

An individual, ignoring FIJA’s policy against violating any court order, was arrested yesterday, for allegedly violating the court order. The individual may have been relying on misinformation spread on the internet.

FIJA reiterates its outreach policy—clearly articulated since the order was imposed—of peaceful forbearance. As FIJA stated in February, nobody serves the interests of FIJA, human rights, justice, or free speech by violating this order, although the order clearly violates our human rights. FIJA reminds activists that inaction by government servants does not mean they will forgo enforcement of an order at another time. This is called personal discretion.

As long as Perry’s order has legal standing, it can be enforced at any time. Government servants use personal discretion in their enforcement of the laws. Police, prosecutors, and judges use personal discretion in deciding when to enforce many laws, especially statute laws. FIJA encourages all free and independent people to educate everyone about the right to individual discretion of jurors.

FIJA strongly discourages anyone from violating Perry’s order. Avoid that small spot of ground occupied by the Orlando and Orange county court complex. There are thousands of other places in Orlando and Florida to educate free people.

FIJA educates all free and independent people that they have that same right to exercise discretion that government servants exercise everyday. FIJA reminds everyone to be familiar with and follow FIJA guidelines (.pdf).

For the current status of FIJA’s challenge to this order, please visit the FIJA website. More information on FIJA’s ongoing challenge to the illegal order issued by Judge Perry:
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