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Jury Nullification | 18 Apr 2011

A Look at the Jury System and Our Participation in It


by Graham Dugas

“Without justice, what are kingdoms but great bands of robbers?” – St. Augustine

The jury system is one of the few remaining checks on the system available to those of us who love freedom. We must utilize this tool to the fullest measure if we ever hope to non-violently fight tyranny. Yes, it is a hassle but we needn’t look far to see all the evils visited upon us when this righteous check on tyranny and lunacy is neglected. With freedom comes responsibility. The jury system is the government coming before you asking for permission. In that sense we are not “tainting ourselves by participating in the system” as some would have us believe. Rather it is “The System” coming before us seeking acquiescence and we need not cater to their wishes…

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