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Contests & Freedom Friday | 18 Mar 2011

Freedom Friday- Justice Through Jurors Video Contest


Most Fridays we bring you a jury-related video to share with friends and family, but this week we’re mixing it up a bit. The Fully Informed Jury Association invites you to participate in our jury rights video contest in conjunction with Jury Rights Day 2011. We’re asking you to make a video to help get the word out about jurors’ rights and responsibilities. You have the chance to win cash or other prizes, and help protect your rights as well as your neighbors’. We’ll have a lot more videos to feature on our blog Freedom Fridays and elsewhere on our website to educate potential jurors about how they can use the opportunity of jury service to protect all of our rights from abuse at the hands of government.

The theme of the contest is Justice Through Jurors. Juries are a rational mechanism for justice. Jurors are independent judges of the facts and the law because they have no legal career to build, nor score to keep for record of wins. They are independent observers with no vested interest in enforcing the agenda of either side. Whether acting through government or private legal systems, juries are our most fail-safe human institution for manifesting justice in a peaceful society. Juries are peaceful mechanisms which replace the mechanism of resolution by violent conflict. FIJA invites you to submit up to 3 original videos promoting or illustrating this theme.

Videos should
1. be no more than 3 minutes long,
2. contain only original or fair use material,
3. feature FIJA’s URL (fija.org/aie653l) and toll-free number (1-800-TEL-JURY),
4. contain no obscenity, profanity, or illegal activity,
5. be able to be embedded on FIJA’s website, and
6. be available online for not less than one year from the date of submission.

Prizes will be awarded as follows:
-The first place winner will receive $500.
-The second place winner will receive $250.
-The third place winner will receive $150.
-The fourth place winner will receive $100.
-Up to ten honorable mentions will receive a Lysander Spooner Reader.
-All entrants will receive a FIJA gift pack.

To submit a video, post it online at YouTube, Vimeo, or another site that is publicly accessible, and send the link, your name, and a mailing address to aji@fija.org/aie653l. (Your personal information will be used only for contest purposes.) Remember to make your video embeddable as we may feature it on our blog on a future Freedom Friday! Each participant or group may submit up to 3 entries.

All submissions must be received by August 12, 2011. Late entries will not be eligible for this year’s contest.

Winners will be announced on our website on Jury Rights Day, 5 September 2011. Prizes will be mailed on or before 15 September 2011.