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Media Releases | 09 Feb 2011

For Immediate Release: FIJA Considers Legal Action


9 February 2011

For Immediate Release

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FIJA Considers Legal Action

FIJA Seeks Peaceful, Lawful Resolution of Rights Violations

Pursuant to the Administrative Order issued by an Orlando, Florida judge banning FIJA volunteers from handing out educational literature at the Orlando Courthouse, FIJA director Iloilo Marguerite Jones announced today that FIJA would seek peaceful and lawful resolution to this attack on human rights and free speech. FIJA has sent letters to the judge, governor, and attorney general of Florida, insisting on clarification of the order, and the rationale for violation of the First Amendment.

Jones has talked with several attorneys—many of whom have offered their services pro bono—concerning possible strategies for overturning this egregious violation of human rights. Meanwhile, FIJA awaits a response to its request for clarification, which was sent to state officials.

FIJA works to restore the traditional role of the juror to veto bad laws. This veto is called jury nullification, which was instrumental in stopping the Salem Witch Trials, and in protecting freedom of the press, freedom of religion, and Vietnam War protestors. It helped to end enforcement of Prohibition laws. Today, FIJA educates jurors about their right to consult their conscience when giving a verdict, just as jurors did who refused to enforce such corrupt laws as the Fugitive Slave Act and laws against the Quaker religion.

Orlando FIJA activists have been asked by FIJA National to refrain from violating the order, and to hand out FIJA educational literature from other locations around Orlando. New flyers explaining the present situation have been printed and are being shared with people in the state of Florida, as well as nationally, Jones said.

More information on the order and FIJA’s response is available at www.fija.org/aie653l.


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