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Are you fully informed about jury nullification?

FIJActivist & Volunteer | 03 Feb 2011

***Please Distribute in Florida and Nationally***


As we announced yesterday, a Florida judge has issued an unlawful order in violation of free speech rights in an attempt to prevent jurors from learning about their rights and responsibilities in delivering justice when serving on a jury. We ask that ALL FIJA educational outreach efforts for Florida be put on hold while we deal with this unlawful order. Instead of distributing FIJA educational outreach materials in Florida, we ask that all Florida FIJA activists, and all FIJA activists everywhere, please download and distribute the following flyer:

We Seek to Obey the Law

Note: The point of this flyer is NOT educational outreach material. This flyer does not address jurors, nor does it discuss the issue of jury nullification. Rather, this flyer is directed to Judge Belvin Perry, Jr. and challenges the legality of his administrative order. Please use this flyer for the next ten days.

We ask FIJA activists to please print, e-mail, post and otherwise distribute this flyer to media, blogs, friends and the general public. Please also send registered copies of the flyer to the judge in question. Multiple copies sent by registered mail from around Florida and elsewhere would be ideal.

The contact information for Judge Perry follows. Please conduct all communication in a civil manner. Most particularly, we encourage you to send the flyer by fax and by registered mail to Judge Perry.

Chief Judge Belvin Perry, Jr.
Suite 2110
Orange County Courthouse
425 N. Orange Avenue
Orlando, FL 32801

Tel: 407.836.2008
Fax: 407.836.2006

Our goal is always, in whatever we do, NOT to give the government the pleasure and satisfaction of arresting peaceful people. Our goal is to embarrass them by pointing out the contradictions of their own actions.