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FIJActivist | 10 Dec 2010

FIJA Activism in Orlando, FL


Julian Heicklan joins James Cox in Orlando, FL for some FIJA activism.  Great work everyone!  We love seeing people spreading the word about FIJA and jury nullification.

FIJA Activists in Orlando, FL

From James Cox:

Today I met with Julian Heicklan to start his FIJA activism tour in Florida.

The weather here in Florida today was cold, but the sun was out, with a clear blue sky.

I picked Julian up at his hotel in Orlando and took him to the County Courthouse at 425 N Orange Ave, Orlando, Florida.
We were met by Mark Schmidter, T J Lawrence, John Kurtz, Marla Buchwald, Pete (new addition), Josh Parrish and Scott Olver.  Later we were joined by Alle Shane.  A great turnout from the Orlando group.

We split up and had every corner of the courthouse covered. Nearly everyone walking in or out of the courthouse had a yellow FIJA brochure in their hand.

Today was a great day for FIJA activism. Eight FIJA Activists came out in the cold weather to distribute approximately 1,100 brochures. Well done Team Orlando!