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FIJA Calendar & Jury Rights Day & Volunteer | 23 Aug 2010

Celebrate Jury Rights Day-Do Your Part!


Jury Rights Day will be September 5th, as usual. Use this great opportunity to teach other people about their authority as a juror!

We encourage everyone to do one or more of the following simple things to celebrate Jury Rights Day:
-Gather a group of friends and hand out some brochures (order here or print your own).
-Call in to or be a guest on talk radio shows.
-Write letters to the editor (download boilerplates you can adapt).
-Speak at schools or to civic groups.
-Add a Jury Rights Day graphic to your website and link to FIJA.
-Follow FIJA on Twitter and use hashtag #juryrightsday to promote Jury Rights Day before September 5 and to inform people about jurors’ rights on September 5.
-Post a Jury Rights Day status on your Facebook page and link to FIJA.
-Kick off a Challenge for Churches series at your church (Jury Rights Day falls on Sunday this year!).
-Get in touch with one of your state contacts to help plan an event for Jury Rights Day or contact us to volunteer as a FIJA contact in your state.

Generally make the news known that jurors can and must vote their conscience!

We encourage you to check with your state contacts for information, or you can contact the FIJA National office for literature, press release boilerplates, proclamation boilerplates which we encourage mayors and governors to sign, and other materials. Please also feel free to e-mail us with a summary of your Jury Rights Day plans if you would like us to help publicize them through our website and social networks. Also, use the state news section of the forums for coordination and announcements!

Finally, we encourage you to get in touch with us after Jury Rights Day to let us report back on your events. Let us know what you do and what happens so we can publish the news in the newsletter and on our website.