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Freedom Friday | 04 Jun 2010

Freedom Friday: Lunch Break for Liberty Online


On this, the 21st anniversary of the massacre of peaceful, freedom-seeking people by the Chinese government Tiananmen Square, our Freedom Friday video features the man known as the Unknown Rebel- a Chinese citizen who stood alone in front of a line of tanks saying No the the Chinese army and government. The video is set to the song Holding Up a Tank by Plug. If you are at work, you may want to plug in headphones or turn down the volume a little bit.

As Radley Balko requested last year,
“So go find your own metaphor for the government tank pictured above.

Then put yourself in front of it.”

If you are called to serve on a jury, you can metaphorically stand in front of the government tank threatening the life, liberty, and livelihood of the defendant. Remember, your primary function as a juror is not to be an agent of the government dispensing punishment to the defendant. Rather your purpose in that role is to stand as the defendant’s buffer against tyrannical abuses of power by government just as this man stood between the tanks and his neighbors.

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