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Jury Nullification | 05 Apr 2010

A special Thank You


I want to express special gratitude to the editors of The Oath Keeper, newspaper of America’s Oath Keepers, whose web site is www.OathKeepers.org for the organization, and www.TheOathKeeperNews.com for the newspaper, for the wonderful articles on juror authority, on FIJA, and on jury nullification. Thank you very much for presenting this concept to a relatively new audience, and for your kind treatment of this subject which is vital to the peaceful restoration of our Republic.

Thank you Elias and Don.

I am proud and happy to be able to work with Oath Keepers on issues vital to our nation, and necessary to the free people of this country.

If you don’t already know about Oath Keepers, check them out!

Iloilo M. Jones