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Jury Nullification | 27 Feb 2010

Lincoln Douglas Debate Resolution for March/April 2010


The National Forensics League has announced the following Lincoln Douglas debate resolution for March/April 2010:

Resolved: In the United States, the principle of jury nullification is a just check on government.

The debate geeks on our staff and the rest of us are thrilled to see this topic being debated by young people across the country! As you will see from browsing around our website, we have a lot of resources here for you to learn about the purpose of a jury and about jurors’ rights and responsibilities in delivering justice. But we thought we’d highlight a few things to help you get started:

Please also check our Media Catalog for additional essays, books and other materials which we do not have on-line but which you can order from us. And you can give us a call at 1-800-TEL-JURY to request a free Jury Power Information Kit. When you call, be sure to let us know that you are a debater!