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Are you fully informed about jury nullification?

FIJA in the News | 05 May 2008

Ron Paul on the Power of the Jury and FIJA on YouTube!


Ron Paul, Jury Nullification and FIJA up on YouTube !!!

Juries have the power to nullify laws that they feel are unconstitutional. Never shirk your responsiblity if you are asked to be on a jury.

“Jury Nullification” is the power of the Jury to overturn bad laws (of which, we have MANY) It is an important tool guaranteed to citizens serving on jury duty Jury nullification enables us to declare laws unjust, if we are so inclined.
Learn more by watching this clip from 1990:



Part 3:

Most Judges do not want you to know about this power Juries are only told they can rule “guilty” or “not guilty” They are never told of their third option, “the law is bad”.

Shame on bad Judges covering up this power and the corrupt system which allow these arrogant Judges to remain on the bench.

Learn your rights and DO NOT try to get out of jury duty!

As citizens we only have two real powers to keep the Gov’t in check:
1) The power to vote
2) The power of the jury

Your rights: Use them or loose them With rumors of the American Bar Association working to eliminate juries in the future And with the PROVEN vulnerability of the electronic voting machines, what voice will we have left?