FIJA Thanks Our Donors!

FIJA respects our donors’ privacy. We list names here ONLY with the express permission of each donor who we thank publicly. If you choose not to be thanked publicly in the Donor Preferences section of our online donation page, we will keep your information private. Please know that we appreciate your support just as much!

Don’t see your name on this page? We would love to add you! Right now we can only automatically get your permission to publicly thank you if you donate through our Network for Good online interface. When we need to print more, we will be updating our mail-in donation cards with a way to opt in to permit us to publicly thank you. In the meantime, if you are a current donor and do not see your name here but would like to be listed, or if you have changed your mind and prefer not to be listed among the following giving circles, please email requesting that your name be added to or removed from this donor recognition page. If you would like to learn more about becoming a member of these giving circles, please visit our Giving Circles page with all the details.

Leadership Circle

Thank you to our donors who support FIJA’s mission and development of new outreach tools, publications, and programs with a contribution of $500 or more annually.

Sheryl Corchnoy
Nash Yielding


William Penn Society

Thank you to our William Penn Society donors who support FIJA with recurring donations of at least $16.70 per month or $200 annually.

Jimmy Arnett
Douglas Hauge
Duane Horton


Magna Carta Club

Thank you to our Magna Carta Club donors who support FIJA with recurring donations of at least $10 per month or $120 annually.

Philip Graf
Robert Anthony Peters
Marilyn Steffen
Anthony Wilkie