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Brochures and Outreach

JSK Juror Survival Kit – Be prepared when you are called to serve on a jury. Our Juror Survival Kit contains one Citizens Rule Book, a copy of our Surviving Voir Dire brochure, and an assortment of FIJA literature. This makes a great gift for anyone!

$2.00 Order
FA-1 Fresh Air for Justice brochure $0.25 Order
FA-50 50-count Fresh Air for Justice brochures $11.00 Order
FA-100 100-count Fresh Air for Justice brochures $21.00 Order
FA-500 500-count Fresh Air for Justice brochures $90.00 Order
FA-1000 1000-count Fresh Air for Justice brochures $170.00 Order
C4C-01 Challenge for Churches is a six-part seminar series of 30-minute programs. Included are two DVDs, reading list, discussion questions, FIJA material, bound in a hardcover notebook $45.00 Order
JRD-50 Jury Rights Day Announcement in Postcard Size, 4.25″ X 5.5″, assorted colors, glossy finish. The back side of each card is blank so you can address and stamp them to mail to people or you can print your local organization’s information on the back to hand out at events. $5.00 Order
JRD-100 100-count Jury Rights Day Postcards – Assorted Colors $9.00 Order
JRD-500 500-count Jury Rights Day Postcards – Assorted Colors $40.00 Order
JRD-1000 1000-count Jury Rights Day Postcards – Assorted Colors $70.00 Order
CRB im_citizensrulebookCitizens Rule Book $1.00 Order
CRB-10 10-count Citizens Rule Book $9.25 Order
CRB-25 25-count Citizens Rule Book $22.00 Order
CRB-50 50-count Citizens Rule Book $42.00 Order
CRB-100 100-count Citizens Rule Book $82.00 Order
2AB Second Amendment Brochure 2ndamendment $0.25 Order
2AB-50 50-count Second Amendment Brochure $11.00 Order
2AB-100 100-count Second Amendment Brochure $21.00 Order
2AB-500 500-count Second Amendment Brochure $90.00 Order
2AB-1000 1000-count Second Amendment Brochure $170.00 Order
BB-1 Body Brochure body_brochure $0.25 Order
BB-50 50 Count Body Brochure $11.00 Order
BB-100 100 Count Body Brochure $21.00 Order
BB-500 500 Count Body Brochure $90.00 Order
BB-1000 1000 Count Body Brochure $170.00 Order
SVD surviving_voir_dire
Clay Conrad’s ” Surviving Voir Dire” Brochure for General Audiences
$0.25 Order
SVD-50 50 Count Surviving Voir Dire $11.50 Order
SVD-100 100 Count Surviving Voir Dire $21.00 Order
AJYR American Juror Quarterly Newsletter – 1 year Subscription fija-activist $35.00 Order
AJCUR American Juror Quarterly Newsletter – Current Issue Only $5.00 Order
AJCUR-25 American Juror Quarterly Newsletter – 25 Copies of Current Issue $115.00 Order
Q-A Q-A: A Primer for Prospective Jurors primer $0.20 Order
Q-A-100 100-count Q-A: A Primer for Prospective Jurors $18.00 Order
Q-A-1000 1000-count Q-A: A Primer for Prospective Jurors $150.00 Order
TOF True or False Brochure $0.20 Order
TOF-100 100-count True or False Brochure $15.00 Order
TOF-1000 1000-count True or False Brochure $120.00 Order

CDs and DVDs

MD101 Media Disk with Power Power Presentation and Documents includes Brochure Masters, Newsletters in PDF, and more mediadisc $15.00 Order
VT-101 Ron Paul “At Issue: Jury Power” DVD RPaul-jurypower $10.00 Order
DVLD Larry Dodge “Last Barrier” and “Live and Let” on one DVD LDodge-DVD $20.00 Order

Books and Essays

CC-101 Clay Conrad “Jury Nullification: Evolution of a Doctrine” – Paperback $45.00 Order
GL-102 Godfrey Lehman “We the Jury” GLehman-wethejury – Hardcover $25.00 Order
GL-104 Godfrey Lehman “Is This Any Way to Run a Jury?” GLehman-anywaytorunajury – Paperback $15.00 Order
LS-102 The Lysander Spooner Reader – Paperback  On SALE!LSpooner-Reader $15.00$20.00 Order
LS-105 Lysander Spooner’s classic Essay: Trial by Jury – Chapter 1 of the Book LSpooner-trialbyjury $5.00 Order
HW-101 Harvey Wysong Essay: The Jury’s Business is Justice HWysong $5.00 Order
WG-101 Justice William Goodloe Essay: Jury Nullification WGoodloe $5.00 Order