FIJA produces, publishes and markets a variety of products designed to educate on jury power for justice and liberty.

We recommend that you order 3 weeks in advance, especially if you are participating in a scheduled event, to allow plenty of time for packaging and shipping your order.

Our FIJA publications include books, pamphlets and brochures on jury power, the history of juries, and on jury nullification. Godfrey Lehman and other authors can be found are on the Publications list. You will be able to order the True or False, Q & A Primer, and Jury Power Information Kit, the new How Juries Protect the Second Amendment Brochure from this page, as well as a variety of printed literature and publications. Many of our publications, including our educational brochures, can be purchased in large numbers at excellent discounts. 

Miscellaneous Items
Our T-shirts, mugs and bumper stickers all have messages to help spread the word on jury power, too.

Outreach Material
Several of our widely-distributed pieces of literature may be downloaded as copyable masters at no charge.
Permission to copy and distribute each of the documents listed and linked herein is granted, provided that each document is reproduced without modification, with the exception that the name and contact information of the organization distributing the material may be added where applicable to the “Your Jury Rights: True or False?” brochure or the “A Primer for Prospective Jurors” brochure. Any other exceptions must be approved the by FIJA National office.
No permission is granted to modify these documents, publish unattributed excerpts, or to print, publish, or distribute any other material containing the FIJA imprint. For all other material of any nature, you must have been granted permission BEFORE publishing or distributing any such material either in hard copy or in electronic format.
Please make your request to the Fully Informed Jury Association at or by postal mail to FIJA; P.O. Box 5570; Helena, MT 59864. Please review the FIJA document(s) on distributing FIJA literature prior to engaging in outreach and/or educational efforts using FIJA materials. FIJA is not responsible for any actions of anyone distributing or using FIJA literature.