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A Bent Juror
« on: May 26, 2011, 07:18:23 am »
Very interesting. Don't remember ever seeing this website before. Now bookmarked...

A Bent Juror
Any appellate court decision that begins with a scene from Twelve Angry Men, and Stephen Reinhardt's opinion from the 9th Circuit in Williams v. Cavazos does not disappoint.  The crime was somewhat pedestrian, your basic liquor store robbery gone south, leaving the owner dead on the floor.  The defendant, Tara Sheneva Williams sat in the car behind the wheel.

During deliberations, there was one juror, Number 6, who wouldn't go along with the program. The others weren't amused.  Neither was the judge who, after questioning the jury foreman about the evils committed by Number 6 during deliberations, discharged him from the jury for bias.
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Re: A Bent Juror
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Thank you ML!