Case Summary

photo credit: Janet MatzenCase No. 15CR03981
County Court, City and County of Denver Colorado
Lindsey-Flanigan Courthouse

Mark Iannicelli was arrested on 27 July 2015 at the Lindesy-Flanigan Courthouse in Denver, Colorado where he was allegedly handing out flyers informing people of jurors’ right to conscientiously acquit by way of jury nullification. He was charged with seven counts of felony jury tampering as outlined in the Complaint and Information document attached under Case Documents below. He is scheduled to appear in Denver County Court on 11 August 2015 to be formally advised of the charges.

Case Documents

Denver DA Press Release, 30 July 2015 (.pdf)
Complaint and Information and Statement of Probable Cause (.pdf)

FIJA Documents

Man Sharing Jury Nullification Information Arrested in Denver
Updates on Mark Iannicelli Arrest for Jury Nullification Education
Eric Brandt, co-defendant

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photo credit: Janet Matzen