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New and Converted Documents

Branch Davidian Trial
Brandt, Eric
Carriker, Kyler
Cort, Melroy
Glasser v. United States
Iannicelli, Mark
Kleinman, Noah
Swartz, Aaron
Wood, Keith
Woody, Elijah

Old Case Info

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  State of Montana v. Joel Elmer Boniek
» 480.2 KiB - 2,360 hits - May 2, 2013
Deputy Park County Attorney Carrick's Motion in Limine on the State of Montana v. Joel Elmer Boniek

  Opinion and Order on USA v. Julian Heicklen
» 119.9 KiB - 2,315 hits - April 20, 2012
This is the opinion and order from Judge Wood on the case of USA v. Julian Heicklen.

  Alaska vs Frank Turney
» 1.9 KiB - 3,264 hits - April 10, 2009
The following motion and amicus brief were prepared by attorney Nancy Lord, MD, and filed on behalf of the Fully Informed Jury Association in the case of Alaska v. Frank Turney. Turney was accused of ...

  Kriho - Case Ruling
» 24.3 KiB - 3,248 hits - April 10, 2009
DISTRICT COURT, COUNTY OF GILPIN, STATE OF COLORADO Case No. 96 CR 91 Division 1 Filed in Combined Court Feb. 10., 1997 ORDER THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF COLORADO Plaintiff, ...

  Dr. Jack Kevorkian convicted
» 5.9 KiB - 3,043 hits - April 10, 2009
Dr. Jack Kevorkian Convicted of Second-Degree Murder PONTIAC, Mich. (Court TV) - After three acquittals and a mistrial, Dr. Jack Kevorkian was found guilty of second-degree murder and delivery of a...

  State of Indiana vs Linda Thompson
» 10.1 KiB - 3,212 hits - April 10, 2009
Amicus curae brief on jury nullification by R.J. Tavel, J.D. http://freedomlaw.com/Amicus.htm STATE OF INDIANA ) IN THE MARION COUNTY SUPERIOR COURTS ) CRIMINAL DIVISION ROOM NO. 15 COUNTY O...

  Jason Vale
» 1.2 KiB - 3,024 hits - April 10, 2009
In 2000 Jason Vale, Christian Bros. was ordered by a New York Federal judge to stop selling apricot seeds as an unapproved "treatment" for cancer. The FDA says he disobeyed the order and has pu...

  Kriho - Benefits of Trial by Jury
» 2.1 KiB - 3,023 hits - April 10, 2009
"the Benefits of Trial By Jury..." Declaration of Independence A commentary on the Kriho verdict What are the Benefits of Trial by Jury? The right to an "impartial jury" should not b...

  Kriho - Holdout Juror Accused of Criminal Contempt
» 5.3 KiB - 2,986 hits - April 10, 2009
Los Angeles Times Tuesday, February 4, 1997 National Perspective / ETHICS HOLDOUT JUROR ACCUSED OF CRIMINAL CONTEMPT Colorado case highlights 'jury nullification' theme, as well as tru...

  Kriho - Legal Defense Fund
» 1.7 KiB - 2,902 hits - April 10, 2009
Dear M R, An analysis of the despicable ruling in the Laura Kriho case and a statement of FIJA's position on the matter will follow shortly. For now, let's all say a prayer of thanks for J...

  Kriho - Open Letter to the Los Angeles Times
» 3.8 KiB - 3,034 hits - April 10, 2009
The Editor Los Angeles Times by e-mail: letters@latimes.com To the Editor: Barry Siegel did a good job of reporting the conflict between Laura Kriho and the courthouse gang of Gilpin County, C...

  Kriho - Should a Holdout Juror be Punished
» 3.7 KiB - 3,006 hits - April 10, 2009
Free the Rollinsville One First, if you're going to hold out in a criminal case, you'd better convince at least one other person to join you. They probably won't string up two or more, but...

  Kriho - Ultimate Irony - Juror Denied Jury Trial
» 3.0 KiB - 3,025 hits - April 10, 2009
ULTIMATE IRONY: JUROR DENIED JURY TRIAL February 13, 1997 Statement of Harvey Wysong, National Spokesman for the Fully Informed Jury Association.

  Laura Kriho Found Guilty of Contempt of Court
» 3.8 KiB - 3,030 hits - April 10, 2009
KRIHO FOUND GUILTY OF CONTEMPT OF COURT Update: February 10, 1997 Laura Kriho, former Gilpin County juror, was pronounced guilty of contempt of court on Monday. A date will be set soon for her s...

  Nancy Lord M.D. vs FDA
» 16.9 KiB - 3,093 hits - April 10, 2009

  State of New Jersey vs Forchion
» 2.3 KiB - 3,005 hits - April 10, 2009
State of New Jersey -Vs. Forchion, INDICTMENT NO. 98-10-3596 Email --- http://www.jersey.net/~njdevil PRESS RELEASE: (Camden NJ)-- On August 2, 1997- New Jersey Governor Christie Todd Whitma...

  People vs Williams
» 6.3 KiB - 3,067 hits - April 10, 2009
By now, many of us have doubtless read several accounts of the California Supreme Court's decision in People v. Williams, where Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge Paul Teilh's decision to rep...

  Senate Bill 1426
» 7.7 KiB - 3,239 hits - April 10, 2009
To eliminate the requirement for unanimous verdicts in Federal court. (Introduced in the Senate) S 1426 IS 104th CONGRESS ...

  Summerlin vs Stewart
» 21.5 KiB - 1,027 hits - April 10, 2009

  US vs Thomas: How Big a Threat to Jury Veto Power
» 40.5 KiB - 1,045 hits - April 10, 2009

  US vs Thomas: Odd Man Out
» 32.0 KiB - 1,143 hits - April 10, 2009

  US vs Datcher
» 1.4 KiB - 3,277 hits - April 10, 2009
U.S. v. DATCHER 411 830 F. Supp. 411 (M.D. Tenn. 1993) UNITED STATES of America, v. Douglas E. DATCHER ...

  US vs Gaudin
» 11.2 KiB - 3,098 hits - April 10, 2009
Attorney Kurt Simmons, with the assistance of attorney John Wolfgram of the Constitution Defender Association of Placerville, filed a brief for a client in the US District Court for the Easter Dist...

  US vs Yvonne Regas
» 22.7 KiB - 3,378 hits - April 10, 2009
What follows is a portion of the brief filed by attorney Nancy Lord, MD, in the case of U.S. v. Yvonne Regas. Regas was accused of jury tampering and related charges for causing FIJA "True o...

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